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How it Works


Place orders through your mobile phone or computer, or call us anytime.

At Select, we pride ourselves on our customer experience and providing best-in-class patient care with 24/7 access to a pharmacist. Our value-added is simple: access to faster deliveries, easier order processing, and competitive pricing.

Securely send and receive emails and text messages, including patient information, from within Select’s HIPAA-compliant portal. All orders are confirmed upon receipt.

Choose a Delivery Option

  • Rapid* (2.5 hours guaranteed)
  • Stat* (2-4 hours)
  • Same day
  • Next day

* may incur additional fees dependent on market price of delivery; call for more information

Track Your Delivery LIVE

Track orders and deliveries through our integrated and secure Select portal in live time. Track the medication from the moment you place an order to delivery at a patient’s residence. You will receive a notification in the Select messaging system when your order has been delivered.


Access Patient Profiles Anytime

Selects’ online portal provides customers with quick and easy access to their patients’ records and reports, including:

  • Clinical data
  • Antibiotic Reports
  • NDC Reports
  • Psychotropic Reports
  • Antipsychotic Reports
  • Medication Adherence Record (MAR)
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