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Hospice Pharmacy in Beverly Hills


Select Pharmacy, a leading hospice pharmacy in Beverly Hills, is committed to supporting hospice providers by offering them competitively-priced medication, supplies, and services.

How a Hospice Pharmacy in Beverly Hills Supports Hospice Providers

Our experienced pharmacists serve as key members on interdisciplinary care teams, regularly updating and educating the team about the latest advances in medication, and closely monitoring patients’ therapeutic responses.

Appropriate Medication Use

Pharmacists continually assess the appropriateness of medication for patients to determine the safest and most effective dose. They serve as key advocates for proper medication therapy management (MTM) to help prevent visits to the emergency department or urgent care. Hospice pharmacists are trained to recognize potential sources of error in medications and to assist in developing strategies to reduce errors and comply with regulations.

At the best hospice pharmacy in Beverly Hills, experienced hospice pharmacists recommend dosage conversions to forms that increase the effectiveness of pain medication and reduce serum concentration peaks and troughs. In addition, our hospice pharmacists assist care teams in predicting and measuring potential drug interactions with traditional medication regimens and prepare for a patient’s decline in health over time.


Consultation and Education

Hospice providers rely on pharmacists for evaluating a medication’s cost, side effects, and emerging safety information. In addition, pharmacists search for appropriate substitutions when medication shortages arise.

Hospice pharmacists assist hospice providers in staying within insurance coverage/budget limits, navigating formulary restrictions, and requesting authorizations to begin or continue a specific regimen.

Pharmacists also play a key role in educating patients and caregivers about proper dosage and the benefits of medication. They teach hospice providers, patients, and family members how to recognize emerging behavioral or mood symptoms and make recommendations about medication options to address symptoms concurrent with pain and side effects.

Medication Preparation and Dispensing

Terminally ill patients often require non-standard doses of medication that are typically unavailable commercially. In these cases, hospice pharmacists may need to formulate medications that won’t lead to undesirable results and/or use alternative ingredients to produce dosage forms that will avoid allergic reactions or progressive intolerances.

Hospice providers rely on pharmacists for accurate dosing device recommendations to help deliver the proper dose of highly potent medication. Hospice pharmacists play a key role in alleviating hospice providers’ stress of navigating the challenges of controlled-substance logistics.

Why Choose Select Pharmacy

As a leading hospice pharmacy in Beverly Hills, Select Pharmacy offers competitive and transparent pricing, enabling hospices to allocate the maximum available resources towards patient care, rather than wasting time navigating complex pharmaceutical services.

To help customers keep track of spending, Select Pharmacy offers access to an online portal where customers can check medication availability and review pricing with just a few clicks. Hospices have the option of setting up protocols that will send automated notifications if medications exceed a set dollar amount.

Customers can also access patient records on a HIPAA-compliant platform and view the following reports:

  • Antibiotic Reports
  • NDC Reports
  • Psychotropic Reports
  • Antipsychotic Reports
  • Medication Adherence Record (MAR)

Hospice providers can rest assured knowing Select Pharmacy pharmacists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to fill urgent orders and answer questions.

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