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Best Hospice Pharmacy Services


When searching for “best hospice pharmacy services,” it’s important to understand the key characteristics of a great hospice pharmacy. Here are a few things every hospice provider should look for.

1. Availability

A hospice pharmacy should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to serve the medication and supply needs of hospice providers and their patients. Terminally-ill patients need their medication on time, every day of the week, and hospice providers should choose a pharmacy they can trust to fill orders as soon as possible, no matter how urgent.

A search for “best hospice pharmacy services” should show a list of pharmacies open 24/7/365, such as Select Pharmacy, which is available around the clock to help hospice providers deliver the medication their patients need, as soon as they need it.

2. Experience

A hospice pharmacy should have a team of highly-experienced pharmacists trained to formulate the latest and most advanced medications with ease and accuracy. The overall comfort of hospice patients depends on pharmacists’ ability to properly formulate and label medication so that nurses don’t have to spend time organizing medication and can focus on caring for patients.

Dr. Julia Rutkouskaya, a Doctor of Pharmacy, oversees Select Pharmacy’s team of clinical pharmacists. Her experience managing a team of clinical professionals at one of the largest closed-door hospice pharmacies in Los Angeles is an invaluable asset to Select Pharmacy. She is committed to formulating and filling prescriptions with unmatched precision and professionalism — because anything less is unacceptable.


3. Simple online ordering

Hospice providers don’t have time to wait on hold when seeking to place an order for medication and supplies. They need a hospice pharmacy that offers an easy-to-use online platform where large and complex orders can be placed quickly and without hassle. This will help reduce miscommunication and speed up the ordering and delivery process.

Select Pharmacy’s online portal gives hospice providers the ability to check medication availability, order medication, and supplies, and review spending with just a few clicks.

4. Transparent pricing

Healthcare — especially at the hospice level — can be quite complex and demanding, with patients needing multiple medications around the clock. When searching for “best hospice pharmacy services,” hospice providers should be sure to find out how pharmacy services are priced and if certain services are subject to additional fees. Doing this ahead of time will help eliminate unpleasant surprises once they see the final total.

Select Pharmacy simplifies hospice care by offering competitive and transparent pricing so that hospice providers can know exactly what they are paying for. Select Pharmacy also offers weekly reports detailing clients’ spending.

5. Convenient delivery options

The health and comfort of hospice patients are heavily dependent on receiving their medication on time. They need quality health care no matter how difficult or complex their condition may be.

Select Pharmacy’s numerous delivery options are designed to help hospice providers meet the healthcare needs of their patients with ease and efficiency. Clients can choose from the following delivery options:

  • Rapid delivery. 2.5 hour delivery window, within the delivery radius
  • Stat. 2-4 hour delivery window, within the delivery radius
  • Same-day delivery. Patients receive medication/supplies by the end of the day
  • Next day delivery. Patients receive medication/supplies within one day of placing an order
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